Did my nails! Love love love anchors. It’s nice being a girl :)
Just laying down in middle of street singing tunes with my sis after a workout ya’know just enjoying life :P
My bestie stayed on oovoo with me while I finished my research paper D’awwww my all nighter partner. He knocked out tho! lol
Today I dropped the necklace Avatar gave me down the sewer at school, I must say I was numb to it. Didnt hurt at all when I dropped it down. Letting go of the past and moving on to my future <3
So I didnt expect to get anything on Valentines Day

but when I got home my mum left me a present in my room and its a stuffed monkey holding a heart and it says “Youre the reason why I live! Love Mom”. Made me tear up so badly! LOL

And then just now my bros friend Jake came and gave me a rose. So sweet :3 He also brought roses for my mum and two sisters awww that was so cute too :)

So last night..

was my bros bday and I must say it was hella fun. Everyone getting live and people stripping like this:

And we be getting monayyy like this:

Everyones happeh dancing :)

Then my bro had a “talk” with me:

I must say it wasnt bad at all LOL! I got promised a trip to go anywhere I want when Im 21 and me and him gona party it up!! xD

Then when party ended my brotha knocked out! Lol was like 5 in the morning and thats when I finally went home to knock out like ma bro ^-^

Then my mum woke me up at 9:30ish 

And says we have to go to church 


AAC meeting #2

Meeting started off with everyone introducing themselves. Then everyone ate food. I made them cheddar bay biscuits and ma dawg Conrad made them bibinca (filipino desert) and also Olivia brought cups and plates (altho we had no sodas haha so we used it ghetto way= filling cups up in water fountain haha)

Then we went to go take photo shoot which Duy Truong my photographer that I model for photographed us for a club picture and his photography class. When we finished we played two games. One was called dragon line I think? LOL everyone on campus was watching us and people came to join us to play :) Then we also played freeze tag. So many memorable things happened (especially when my friend Conrad got tackled by June haha)

We then went to go back inside the room and watched the movie IP MAN. Not gona lie the movie was dope! I stepped out for a second with Duy and walked my bestie Edrian to his class. After that Duy photographed me for individual shots while wearing McQueen Heels (that thing is harder to walk on than it seems!)

Went back to watch rest of movie with the club and when the movie was done everyone bid farewell. Meeting went great! :)

Conrad took me and Duy home. But on the way to Duy’s house he took a wrong turn and we had to go around the other way LOL. 


Today as I was doing my homework on the computer I hear my parents fighting (Im not going to go into full detail because its painful enough as it is). 

It got to the point where it got violent and I had to come in between them to stop them from tackling each other. I kept screaming STOP! STOP! 

Due to my yells, my two younger sisters came out of their room and helped me keep my mum and dad on opposite side of each other.

They just kept yelling and still trying to go at each other while we keep them at distance.

Finally my dad left for work and the house was left in silence. My mum went along like nothing happened. But I know it hurts her. I hate seeing my parents like this. I just want them both to be happy </3

First official AAC Meeting

Went great! Everyone ate, played games, and discussed what to do for the term!

After meeting Conrad, Leo and I went to Broward Mall and chilled. Edrian is missing from our crew :( He had to be somewhere (it was his sisters bday haha)

Successful night last night it was…

Asian American Club Meeting

Just finished cooking egg rolls and crab rangoons for meeting for AAC today were celebrating Chinese New Year!

Now about to go to math class and die X_x lol